Accredited Medics Transportation

What types of companies are evaluated?

ambulanceAccrediting agencies survey:

  • public and private ground ambulance operators
  • air medical transporters
  • air and water carriers

What agencies conduct accreditation?

1. Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS)

CAMTS audits and accredits air medical transport and ground critical care providers. Although CAMTS accreditation is voluntary, certain states require companies to have this status as a condition of licensing. These states are Arizona, Colorado, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia, and Washington. If you live in one of these states, make sure your provider is qualified by having CAMTS accreditation. In Maryland, Rhode Island, and Texas, air transport providers must obtain CAMTS accreditation or an equivalent.

2. Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services (CAAS)

CAAS maintains standards for the ambulance service industry. The requirements exceed those established by state and local laws. CAAS places an emphasis on operational efficiency and risk reduction. Ambulance providers evaluated include public and private companies, fire departments, and hospitals. The Commission’s Board of Directors are representatives of six national EMS-related organizations and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

3. National Accreditation Alliance of Medical Transport Applications (NAAMTA)

NAAMTA critiques emergency medical services (EMS). Companies evaluated are providers of ground and air medical transport. The accreditation process takes a full year to complete.

4. Joint Commission International (JCI)

JCI assesses the practices of healthcare organizations throughout the world. It emphasizes quality care and patient safety. JCI is the world’s leader in healthcare accreditation, upholding the most rigorous international standards. Some states require JCI accreditation as a condition of licensing.


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  • accreditation

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