Medical Transport History

A bit of History and Medical Transport 

Everything has a starting point. This would include medical transport. This type of available transportation may be taken for granted in this particular day and age. Most people have the ability to call an emergency number if they have an emergency situation. Was this always available? It was not always an option to pick up a phone a receive medical transport in emergency situations as well as non-emergency situations. There is a bit of history that surrounds medical transport.

Military actions

It may be that the roots of para-medicines have grown due to the military actions. There are actually some paintings that lead many to believe that warriors had started the entire medical transport. The paintings clearly show pictures of Roman battle fields caring for their wounded soldiers in a type of ambulance. This may have been that start of the medical transports. The beginning of history.

This transport continued to grow

It was the latter part of the 1950s until the 1960s that did show some strong and rapid advancement for the medical transports. The attendant came into the picture. The attendant would have been along during the transportation to a hospital. This would be the now paramedic. The attendant was trained to provide a patient with some very basic care during their ride to a medical facility. This transport did continue to find grand medical advancements. A common hammock was used as a bed in the very early stages of medical transport.

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